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Threads of Hope Hellas is a non-profit civil partnership in Athens, Greece where volunteers and women exiting or avoiding prostitution are working together to build a pathway out of sexual slavery. Through mentoring and training, these women learn valuable trade skills related to sewing, which we pray will give them a dignified source of income wherever they may go. More importantly, they study Scripture in community and learn about the Lord together.

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The women at Threads of Hope Hellas have escaped or are working to avoid lifestyles of prostitution. Many of them are human trafficking survivors; all are immigrant women in Athens trying to provide for themselves and their families. Their stories are testimonies to the healing and restoration that is possible with mentoring, training and through the love of God and people like you.


Jennifer came to Athens a number of years ago. She was on the streets much longer than the other girls, and has walked a very rough road since joining us at Threads of Hope. She is a walking testimony of God’s redemption and healing. Her walk is not easy — some days are gloomier than others, but often she walks into […]



Peace is from one of the French speaking countries in Africa. She was smuggled into Greece with the promise of a good job and better life to support her daughter and family back home. When she arrived in Athens, however, she found herself stranded with no work and no home. Through one of our contacts, […]



For Kate, it was the testimony of her friend who has since returned home that brought her. She has a very gentle spirit and is the mother of a young girl. After nearly two years at Threads, in March 2014, she made the decision to follow Christ. Kate is an amazing learner with a heart to help other women even in their […]



Jane was trafficked to Greece a few years ago. After being put through voodoo and witchcraft rituals, she thought she would never escape. But God sent Nea Zoi volunteers to the streets one day, and through their love, she learned about Threads of Hope Hellas. Through continued love and grace, she finally left the streets […]


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Our bags and accessories are sewn by the women at Threads of Hope Hellas -- women who have escaped lifestyles of prostitution. Your purchase fulfills our mission to free and empower enslaved and at-risk women in Athens, Greece.

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Why Athens?

Every day in Athens, hundreds of women are sold over and over for sex. It happens discreetly behind closed doors and openly on street corners. Some women are visibly terrified and unhappy; others seem confident and flirtatious. Passers-by view them with disgust or prurient fascination – few seem to realize that almost none of them are there by choice – they are there because they have been put there by someone else who is using them as a commodity.

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Why Athens?

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Thank you for your interest in fighting human trafficking around the world. Continue browsing our website and learn more about human trafficking in Greece, Threads of Hope Hellas, and how you can get involved.

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