Our Start

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Founder Cecilia Sakatira in the Threads of Hope Hellas studio

It all started in 2012, after EME worker Cecilia Sakatira volunteered with Nea Zoi, a Greek organization committed to helping individuals in prostitution. To this day, a group of Nea Zoi volunteers walks the red light district of Athens in the middle of the night seeking ladies to engage in conversation. The workers invite them to tea, offer a prayer, and listen to their stories.

By volunteering, Cecilia began forging a link between her mission, EME Ministries, and Nea Zoi. As she walked the streets and listened to these women, she became burdened with a desire to do something practical for them, yet did not know how.

The stories she heard centered around why the women were on the streets and how they felt powerless to leave. “I owe the person who brought me here 20,000 euros” or “I made a vow to the voodoo priest and now the moment I leave, my family will be in danger,” were explanations of the financial and spiritual entrapment plaguing these women.
After a few months of participating in Nea Zoi’s midnight outreaches, Cecilia, from a long line of seamstresses, began to earnestly seek the Lord to help her find a way to give financially to the ministry of Nea Zoi. Out of the Lord’s spurring, the sewing project started.

In May 2012, Cecilia had her vision and a single sewing machine, and God took her few loaves and fish and has multiplied them like crazy ever since. In the first month, some friends donated a second machine. Then another came. So she began… with three sewing machines and three women who had never before picked up a needle and thread.

Meet a few of the women and read their stories, and see how far they’ve come spiritually. Also, see their (latest) products and see how far they’ve come in their sewing!