Jennifer came to Athens a number of years ago. She was on the streets much longer than the other girls, and has walked a very rough road since joining us at Threads of Hope.

She is a walking testimony of God’s redemption and healing. Her walk is not easy — some days are gloomier than others, but often she walks into Threads singing about her Savior with a smile on her face.

In her own words, “When I first saw the other girls sewing, I told myself, ‘That is not for me; I want to be a business woman.’ But I know I need to learn, and God has used the volunteers here to show me how to surrender even my dreams to Him. He will grant me my desire one day.”

We continue praying for Jennifer’s spiritual maturity and a heart that is open to instruction and correction.


Peace is from one of the French speaking countries in Africa. She was smuggled into Greece with the promise of a good job and better life to support her daughter and family back home.

When she arrived in Athens, however, she found herself stranded with no work and no home. Through one of our contacts, she came to Threads of Hope and we have watched her grow and excel in sewing in strides. It is hard to believe that the first couple of weeks she struggled even holding scissors. We have watched her grow in her skill and confidence and are grateful to the Lord for grace and her very teachable heart.

Thanks to a good friend of the ministry, Peace is now learning English as a second language. She is also training to take on more leadership at Threads, which we pray will empower her to reach her full potential.

In her own words, “I thought I knew and understood l’amour de Dieu jusqua maintenant (the love of God until now). Since coming here and being part of the Bible study, I now can say I do understand because it has not only been a word but has been demonstrated to me by everyone.”

Please join us in praying for Peace and her family at home, especially her daughter– that God will protect and shield her from abuse.


For Kate, it was the testimony of her friend who has since returned home that brought her. She has a very gentle spirit and is the mother of a young girl.

After nearly two years at Threads, in March 2014, she made the decision to follow Christ. Kate is an amazing learner with a heart to help other women even in their sewing. It has been amazing to watch her grow. Thanks to a good friend of the ministry, Kate is now learning English as a second language. She is also training to take more leadership responsibilities at Threads, which we pray will empower her to reach her full potential.

In her own words, “ Since coming to this place, I have been shown love, been accepted and when I had my daughter you stood by me and I now know that this is because of God’s love for me. I know His love because you have shown it to me.” 

We continue to pray for her and her daughter’s spiritual growth and well-being.


Jane was trafficked to Greece a few years ago. After being put through voodoo and witchcraft rituals, she thought she would never escape.

But God sent Nea Zoi volunteers to the streets one day, and through their love, she learned about Threads of Hope Hellas. Through continued love and grace, she finally left the streets and has two little girls she supports, a 3 and 1-year old.

Early in 2014, she surrendered her life to Jesus and we have watched as He has transformed her life to a joyful mother. Thanks to a good friend of the ministry, Jane is now learning basic literacy, which we pray will challenge and empower her to reach her full potential.

In her own words, “All of you have shown me love. I thought I knew what love was, but since coming here, my understanding of love has changed. I now know that God loves me and He has shown it to me in the way you have accepted me and my daughters.”

We continue to pray for Jane to embrace “I can do all things through Christ,” and leave behind damaging words she heard in childhood that hold her back from learning.


Emma is a mother of a two-year-old daughter. A survivor of Human Trafficking, we have watched God begin rebuilding her life and restoring her faith which had been destroyed by what she went through.

These days, Emma is a strong woman and frequently encourages the other seamstresses in their work and in their personal lives, to trust God and believe Him. It has been a joy to watch this woman’s life take a turn for the better, from being a withdrawn person to someone who dances during our Bible study and prayer.

She has a dream to go to graduate school and build a better future for her daughter. She recently began training to take over bookkeeping and other administrative responsibilities around Threads, which we pray will empower her to reach her dreams.

In Emma’s words, “I know now that everything that has happened to me is for reason. I believe God has allowed it for a purpose, and I am determined to find that purpose, and with His strength and grace, I am going to live out that purpose no matter the cost.”

We pray for her during this learning process, as well as for her daughter as she grows up.