Jane was trafficked to Greece a few years ago. After being put through voodoo and witchcraft rituals, she thought she would never escape.

But God sent Nea Zoi volunteers to the streets one day, and through their love, she learned about Threads of Hope Hellas. Through continued love and grace, she finally left the streets and has two little girls she supports, a 3 and 1-year old.

Early in 2014, she surrendered her life to Jesus and we have watched as He has transformed her life to a joyful mother. Thanks to a good friend of the ministry, Jane is now learning basic literacy, which we pray will challenge and empower her to reach her full potential.

In her own words, “All of you have shown me love. I thought I knew what love was, but since coming here, my understanding of love has changed. I now know that God loves me and He has shown it to me in the way you have accepted me and my daughters.”

We continue to pray for Jane to embrace “I can do all things through Christ,” and leave behind damaging words she heard in childhood that hold her back from learning.


  1. Trudy Antonellou

    Love reading about these amazing women and their desire for a better life. Praise God for this wonderful mission. Threads of HOPE. ..praying for growth in His minister