For Kate, it was the testimony of her friend who has since returned home that brought her. She has a very gentle spirit and is the mother of a young girl.

After nearly two years at Threads, in March 2014, she made the decision to follow Christ. Kate is an amazing learner with a heart to help other women even in their sewing. It has been amazing to watch her grow. Thanks to a good friend of the ministry, Kate is now learning English as a second language. She is also training to take more leadership responsibilities at Threads, which we pray will empower her to reach her full potential.

In her own words, “ Since coming to this place, I have been shown love, been accepted and when I had my daughter you stood by me and I now know that this is because of God’s love for me. I know His love because you have shown it to me.” 

We continue to pray for her and her daughter’s spiritual growth and well-being.


  1. Kate

    This is incredible!! Praise God for you Kate. We share a name 🙂 I pray that God will abundantly bless you and your little one.