About Us

How did Threads of Hope start?


Threads of Hope was created in 2012 by a small group of volunteers from an NGO working with exploited women in Athens. These volunteers dreamed of creating a business for women trapped in exploitation. And so it began with a single sewing machine and sewing lessons in a small room.


Soon, another sewing machine was donated and then another and three women came each week to learn to sew. People fell in love with the Threads of Hope mission and as the women became better and better at sewing and creating, a business was born. In 2014, Threads of Hope transitioned from a sewing project into the not-for-profit business and training program that it is today.




What do we do?


Threads of Hope restores hope to exploited women in Europe. We aim to provide life-changing opportunities through employment and training. We invite women to our training program which runs for three to six months during which time we teach both sewing skills and life skills. We provide a holistic training program, Greek and English lessons, emotional and spiritual support, and other training dependent upon the person’s needs.

At the conclusion of the program, women can join the Threads of Hope business, utilizing their newly-learned skills to earn wages. As they work, these women continue learning valuable skills that empower them to escape their prior lives of exploitation. The sales earned from their products is poured right back into keeping the business running and growing.


We aim to empower women to be confident about starting a new chapter in their lives - lives free from abuse, discrimination, intimidation, and fear.