Support our training program.


The reason the Threads of Hope business is succeeding, and the reason people keep shopping with us, we believe is because we use the best materials we can source and sew to the highest standard. One of the hardest things for us at Threads of Hope is watching our women make the life changing decision to join the Threads of Hope training program, and grow in confidence and acceptance for themselves, but not being able to offer them employment. Our goal is that our business will be funded largely by sales and therefore if a woman is not fully trained yet, we cannot afford to employ her. This would be different if  you would be willing to sponsor a woman who has completed our training program for the first year of her employment.


How much will it cost?  

€350 or $400 a month for freedom.

If you are part of a mother’s group, a running club, a book club, a house group, if you have 8 people in this group and you meet every week that’s just $12.50, €11.00 per person per week.

If you are part of a church or you own a shop or a company. You could be paying the wages of an employee without any of the paperwork. Donations are tax deductible through our partners at EME ministries.

When you sponsor a woman, not only is she gaining employment, you’ll make sure she has access to health care, counselling, job skills and education. By partnering with us, you help women trapped in the sex industry find freedom and independence.

The reason we need sponsorship

It allows these women to be employed and take their time to learn all the products we sell and make them all at a high standard.  It means their employment does not depend on if they are fully trained yet, but on their commitment, to make a life changing decision for themselves and their family.


How long is my commitment?

We would like you to commit to sponsorship for 12 months. Sponsorship is an opportunity to personally connect with a woman free from exploitation. You will be the beginning or her journey and walking alongside her as she works towards a lasting solution to exploitation.


Is my sponsored woman real? Do others sponsor the same person?

Each woman is real and supported by one sponsor. She has a past and story that she is working through. She has made the commitment to trust us and in return we offer our trust and commitment to her. We are a small organisation and a small team who needs support. We want to do as much as we can to support the woman who join us at Threads of Hope. That mean we value quality over quantity. If you commit to sponsorship you will be matched with one woman in our training program. If no one is ready to move into the business, we will communicate with you and ask you to wait for this woman to complete the training. We will never start your 12-month commitment unless a woman is ready.


What to expect when you sponsor a woman.

When you sign up to be a sponsor, we will send you a confirmation email. We will send  some information about the woman and her story. This is the start of her journey. A journey you will go on together.

Over the year you will receive regular updates about the business and how your sponsored woman is getting on. You will even receive a few items from the Threads of Hope catalog sewn by your sponsored woman.

What happens at the end of my sponsorship?

If you would like to continue with another woman, we would love for you to do that. The woman you have been sponsoring should now be ready for her employment to be paid for by sales of the products she is making, and the business will gladly take over this payment.


Any other questions or ready to start sponsoring?


Send us an email at info@threadsofhope.gr