Washing Instructions

Our products are made using 100% Greek cotton, woven here in a family run business here in Athens. We work closely with this company to ensure we get the best made cotton to make our Threads of Hope items. We have used the same company since we open in 2014 because they are the best and we want the best.


There is a correct way to wash and clean your 100% cotton items that will make a significant contribution to the life and appearance of them. Cotton in its purist form will shrink slightly. However, there are things that can be done to prevent or minimalize this.

Cotton will shrink significantly if washed at a high temperature or during the drying process. The warmer the water the more chance of shrinking. We therefore recommend hand washing your items with a mild detergent. This will make it possible to keep your items looking fresher for longer. However, when hand washing is not an option you can wash your items on a delicate cycle at no more than 40 degrees. The higher the temperature the more shrinkage likely to occur.


When washing in the machine please allow for a 5% shrinkage.

Do not tumble dry.


On warm days allow to dry outside and on colder days dry inside on a try towel.